5Q Cooked Frozen Tapioca Balls

  • 1

    Ratio (Frozen tapioca to hot water): 1:6

  • 2

    Pour hot water (over 85 ºC ) into a recipient

  • 3

    Add frozen tapioca into the hot water, and soak for about 40 seconds until the tapioca’s color turns dark, and all icicles have melted.

  • 4

    Cool the tapioca with water at room temperature and rinse them.

  • 5

    They are now ready to eat, you can add them directly into various drinks, or mix them with sugar, fructose, to create sweet syrups.

  • 6

    When used together with hot soup or baked food, the frozen tapioca can be added directly in its current frozen state, without needing prior thawing/defrosting.

  • 7

    Only select the appropriate amount and keep the rest frozen.

  • 8

    This product does not contain preservatives. Please consume as soon as possible.