Colored Tapioca Balls

  • Colors: White/ Red/ Pink/ Yellow/Green/ Blue/ Purple; Colors are subject to customers’ demands (Food coloring & natural pigments).
    Also available: Purple-hearted sweet potatoes and Taro.
  • Storage Life: 2-6months (In accordance to national standards of Preservatives in Food regulations)
  • Sizes: 0.6(3.5mm) / 0.8(4.5mm) / 1.0(5.0mm) / 1.2(5.5mm) / 1.5(6.0mm) / 2.0(6.5mm) / 2.2(7.5mm) / 2.3(8.5mm) / 2.5(9.5mm)
  • Cooking Instructions: Please refer to RecipeTutorial Videos
  • Highlights: Fragrant and chewy texture.